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Sacramento Sounds Vol. 1

Released July 2014

500 Copies - FREE

Track Listing:

1. The Reel - Made for You 

2. Cemetery Sun - Hard Drugs

3. FFG - The Light

4. Hero's Last Mission - Chandelier (cover)

5. The Denver J Band - Free My Love

6. Life in 24 Frames - Wardrum

7. Joseph in The Well - Strange Today

8. The Silent Game - Moab

9. Color the Sound - Eyes

10. Autumn Sky - Young for the Night

11. Said the Shotgun - Get a Move On

12. Stationary - Lost Your Way

13. Broken Iris - Don't Give Up On Me

Sacramento Sounds Vol. 2 

Coming January 2015

There is no submission process for the Sacramento Sounds compilations. If you're out and playing shows in Sacramento... we'll find you.


What are Sacramento Sounds CD's?

Sacramento Sounds CD's are compilation disc's produced by Supergiant Productions. We press 500 copies and they are released solely on CD's. These CD's are FREE. They have no digital distribution, no spotify, pandora, etc. These are grassroots efforts to help spread music locally through Sacramento by encouraging artists to support each other and expose people to more music by Sacramento based artists. 

Each CD is given out at a CD release party, where some artists on the CD will perform. If any CD's are leftover from the CD release party they will be disbursed throughout Sacramento at various outlets. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of any of the CD's, send a message to our contact page and if we still have copies we can probably get one to you.